Exploring Kingpost Truss Design
These calculators are simply math formulas from engineering texts written into Javascript.
No representation is made as to whether they are correct or that they are correct for your situation.
They are for educational use only. The user assumes all risk from their use of this program.

Total Load on Truss(pounds)
Pitch of Rafter (e.g. 6/12)
Span Truss (inches)
Depth of Top Chord (inches)
Width of Top Chord (inches)
Width of Web (inches)
Depth of Web (inches)
Select Species and Grade
Allowable Fiberstress in Bending (Fb)(psi)
Modulus of Elasticity (E or MOE)(million psi)
Allowable Shear (Fv)(psi)
Column Modulus of Elasticity (Emin)(million psi)
Bottom Chord Tension(lbs)(3,8)
Lower half of top chord, heeljoint, compression(lbs)(1,9)
Upper half of top chord, ridge, compression(lbs)(2,6)
Web, midspan rafter down to kingpost, compression(lbs)(4,7)
Kingpost, tension(lbs)(5)
Angle of Roof from Horizontal (degrees)
Top Chord Pass/Fail
Top Chord P<1>F
Top Chord Cp, Column Stability Factor
Top Chord allowable depth buckling stress (psi)
Top Chord allowable width buckling stress (psi)
Top Chord actual buckling stress (psi)
Top Chord allowable bending stress
Top Chord actual bending stress
Top Chord Line Length
Web actual compression stress psi
Web, allowable buckling stress widthwise psi
Web, allowable buckling stress depthwise psi
Web column stability factor widthwise %